Week 2: Jan 23

  • The Design of Everyday Things, Chp.1 by Don Norman (1988)
    A user experience design classic, written by a cognitive scientist. Can interfaces can be designed according to how people think about using them, rather than how the thing was constructed?
  • As We May Think by Vannevar Bush (1945)
    Originally published after WWII. For what ends do we design and build?
  • Architectural Intelligence, Excerpts from Chp. 1, 5, 7 by Molly Steenson (2017)
    What were prior explorations of architecture x digital technology? (Feel free to skim over descriptions of historical computer systems — focus instead on the architect's concepts and intent; which of the author/architect's questions resonated with you?)
  • The Four Stages of 0->1 Products by Julie Zhou (2017)
    Written by a design veteran at Facebook, an articulate outline of the design process behind the daily software products we all use.

Week 3: Jan 30