Assignment 3: Prototyping

Based on the user needs you identified, design a mixed reality experience and build a prototype.

Week 1: Storyboard

Brainstorm and design three divergent mixed reality experiences to address the users in your space. Illustrate and narrate the user experience through storyboards. Employ frameworks or user journeys as needed to convey your ideas.

Make sure your storyboard communicates:

  • Characters (who?)
  • Setting (environment)
  • Sequence (what task, how to start, what steps to use)
  • Satisfaction (motivation, end result, what need)

Upload presentations to canvas and present your storyboards in class.

Week 2: Implement

Choose one of your concepts to refine, decide on an appropriate prototyping method, and build it!

Present your prototype in class: we will be the first testers of your prototype.