User-Centered Design for Emerging Digital-Physical Environments

Visual Studies A4894 · Spring 2018

As emerging technologies such as VR/AR dissolve prior divides between the digital and physical experience, how can we draw upon interdisciplinary methods to design for the future mixed reality that is just around the corner? Through readings, discussions, and hands‐on projects, this course will examine principles of human‐computer interaction alongside qualitative and quantitative methods in architectural research. We will survey current technology trends and examine their implications for design and for society. Students will develop skills in user research, rapid‐prototyping, usability testing, and data collection as methods for excellent interaction and spatial design.

Tues 7-9pm, Buell 200

Course Objectives
Students will...
Lecture Assignment
Jan 16

Syllabus overview
What is mixed reality?
What is user-centered design?

Architecture needs to interact Domus, 2011
Why Human-Centered Design Matters WIRED, 2013
We don't sell saddles here, 2014
The future of AR will be boring, 2017

A1.1 Four days
A1.2 De-teched
Jan 23

MR: current application areas
UCD: Needfinding
Assignments: teams, users, place of transaction

Week 2 Readings

A2.2 Needfinding: Plan
Jan 30

UCD: provocations

Week 3 Readings

A2.2 Needfinding: Observe
Feb 6

MR: tech interventions in physical space
UCD: interview techniques

A2.3 Needfinding: Provocations & Synthesis
Feb 13

MR tech: components and capabilities
UCD: storyboarding and rapid prototyping

A3.1 Prototyping: Storyboard
Feb 20

Framing "tech x built environment"
Usability: general principles, MR, and A/B testing

Street Life After Retail, Sidewalk Labs
What would augment reality? by Luke W.
AR Human Interface Guidelines by Apple

A3.2 Prototyping: Implement
Feb 27

Test your prototype on classmates
UCD: usability testing and heuristics

A4 Evaluation: go out and test
Mar 6

Office Hours—no class


A6.0 Final: Email 3 Ideas

Mar 13

Spring Break—no class

Mar 20

SnapLens tutorial


A6.1 Final: Proposals

Mar 27

Office Hours—no class


A6.2 Final: Research

Apr 3

Research presentations
Exhibition and Installation Art
Where UCD fits in Design
UX "Failures"

Chp. 10 People and Prototypes pp. 643–699, from Designing Interactions by B. Moggridge

A6.3 Final: Prototype

Apr 10

Prototype pin-up / test on your classmates
Guest critic: Momo Araki and TBD


A6.4 Final: Evaluate

Apr 17

Guest lecture: Daniel Sauter (Parsons)


A6.5 Final: Conclusion & Documentation

Apr 24

Final Review
with: Elliot Montgomery, Nikki Sylianteng, Rachelle DiGregorio, Bika Rebek and Rui Pereira