Assignment 5: Generative sketch + final ideas

Part 1: Generative form

Generative form refers to visual aesthetics that are generated from algorithms, built up via relatively simple rules, to mimic complex systems found in nature, whether physics of a ball bouncing the wall, birds flying in a flock pattern, or how water molecules flow through bottlenecks. Or it can be as simple as working with fractals.

Look under P5 Examples for the Simulate section. Play with these examples; try to change different parameters in them and see what happens. Then, choose one, copy it and modify it to somehow communicate the current time with hour and minutes. (Note: it does not have to be a clock and continue to display time.)

Your choice of mapping does not need to be immediately obvious but it should not be simplistic (e.g. don't map hour to color); your viewer need not be able to "read" the exact minutes but should be able to guess within a quarter hour. Be creative, have fun!

Link to your sketch on GitHub.

Part 2: Final project idea paragraphs

Start thinking about your final project: in the final four-week assignment, you will be following your own data adventure. (You will continue to work individually.)

For this week's assignment, write three paragraphs proposing different final directions. Your final should be larger in scope and complexity than the A4 Geography assignment. It should be something you're passionate about and interested in learning.

Some possible starting places:

  • Personal: some type of personal data that you’ve collected
  • Research/class: information design questions around your research, other classes, or thesis
  • Explanation: a complex idea that’s data-centric, and making it easily understandable
  • Any open datasets, such as those mentioned in class here or here

Make sure each of your idea paragraphs includes at minimum:

  • What story you want to tell
  • The relevant topics in data viz that you're excited to focus on (e.g. visual design, code, interactivity, bias, etc.)
  • A link to a data source (even if the data needs work)
  • Reference to a prior work that inspires this idea (whether because of story, form, interaction, data, etc.)

Submit your three paragraphs through Canvas.